Automating corporate due diligence

Notarum is a modern due diligence workflow tool designed to reduce busywork—so you can focus on the bigger picture.

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Where your due diligence work thrives

Notarum makes performing due diligence analysis and sharing work with team mates easier than ever.

Faster Processing

Supercharge your processes with goal-centric planning

Primary Source Verification

Use data with verifiable provenance in your decisioning

Smart Screening

Cut through the noise and reduce false positives

Collaborative Workflow

Keep everyone on the same page with new ways to easily share work and collect feedback

We service all companies across all industries

From fund management to legal and professional services, our platform empowers your compliance teams to make accurate, compliant decisions.

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Our customisable workflow means faster onboarding and monitoring, and easy collaboration between teams


Rely on primary source data for continuous monitoring so you know exactly who you are doing business with


Smart screening and reports ensure your organisation adopts a risk-based approach to customer due diligence

Our AI platform and workflow collaboration tool automates ~90% of the current process, reducing cost and risk—a rare win-win

We aim to service a global web of millions of interconnected companies whose due diligence needs are entirely automated—flagging and removing suspect characters and eliminating companies’ regulatory risk.

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